Winter Is the Best Time to Install New Hardwood Flooring

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As a natural flooring product, wood flooring has been popular for centuries. It’s always alive contracting with heat and swelling during the winter. Most people believe that hardwood floors are not suitable for the winter. But there are many advantages of getting a new wooden floor installation during the winter.


1. Humidity levels

Humidity is the amount of water present in the atmosphere. During the winter, the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere (humidity) is low because of the low temperatures. From the hardwood flooring experts, it is advisable to have a wooden floor in your home during the winter for two main reasons:

The moisture which is trapped in between the wood will cause it to undulate and warp.
A damp floor will result in mildew and mould.

2. Before laying the wood boards, acclimatize it

Wood is a natural product as mentioned. It takes in moisture which causes it to swell, but upon evaporating, it contracts again. Wood boards are not acclimatized before they are laid, which is a common mistake that many people do.

Storing the wood outside when renovating your property makes more sense. You don’t want to damage the wood before laying it of course. But the wood does not get time to swell or contract according to the conditions of the house if you lay and fix them immediately.
To acclimatize the wood is a slow process. So, don’t think about bringing them overnight and laying them straight. If it is possible, bring the wood and wait for at least 10 days so that it can contract and swell according to the conditions of the surrounding.


3. Wood is an organic material

The organic nature of wood is underestimated by many people, which causes a lot of issues when it comes to laying it. Colder wetter weather makes the wood swell while hot weather makes it contract because moisture evaporates from it.

The reason to this is because as the wood grows, structures like vessels align themselves vertically. These structures carry water and nutrients to the tree branches for it to grows. Leaving gaps that are too wide likewise spoils the final finish of the floor.


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4. Experts floor installers are available

Home improvement tasks and renovations are usually not done until hot weather. This is mostly because that is an ideal time to leave the windows and doors open. This contributes to a busy building season, on which getting a professional and reputable home builder becomes almost impossible.
With us at QC flooring, you’ll be able to get the best professional company to do the job in the winter when the conditions for installing your brand new wooden floor are ideal.

The chilly weather should not hold you back from getting a new wooden floor with all these advantages! If you have any further questions, please do feel free to call us with 01908 378270 or by filling out our contact form.

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