What is luxury vinyl tile flooring?

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Luxury vinyl tiling is a flooring solution that serves as an alternative to other flooring solutions such as stone and wood. Though it’s different from other hard flooring surfaces like vinyl composite tile or laminate, a lot of people find it difficult to tell the difference which is very clear in the aesthetics. It’s quite an innovative flooring design that’s continuously becoming affordable and popular than the other hard surface flooring solutions. It has a realistic look of ceramic, wood or stone tile that’s very resilient to wear and tear and truly hard wearing. It can be used in any room in the house as it’s waterproof and resistant to scratches. Its structure is composed of multiple thin layers ensuring that the flooring is easy to maintain and quite durable but also flexible.


Another exciting thing about luxury vinyl tiling is that can be found in various effects. For instance, there are effects such as ceramic tiles, wood planks or even stone. Wood plank effect luxury vinyl tile flooring takes the form and shape of a plank of wood. It’s available with various wood species, grain patterns and colours all looking very authentic and realistic. To suit every décor and requirements for rooms, the wood plank effects are available in various lengths and widths of planks. The tile and stone effect is also very realistic. They’re available in tiles that are uninformed sized as well as style and colour choices like beige, cream and grey slate effect tiles.


Luxury Vinyl tiling is increasingly becoming popular among homeowners because of its ability to transform a home with hardwearing an authentic floor. It lacks the downsides and drawbacks that often come with natural products.


How Luxury Vinyl Tiling is made

Every brand of luxury vinyl tile floor is created and designed in a slightly unique way. However, in general terms, multiple layers are often compressed together to come up with a floor covering that’s durable, waterproof and high quality. These kinds of flooring in most cases have averagely not less than 5 layers to ensure the floor remains thin and flexible but still waterproof, durable and strong. The layer at the top is a protective coating with built-in technology for stain guarding and scratch resistance. Under this is a layer with a detailed design of a high definition photograph. It’s very high quality so as to give the authentic and realistic appearance of natural products. The design layer takes the picture of flooring style; either stone or wood. The rest of the layers are made of stabilizing fibreglass sheets, core layers resistant to impacts and backing layers for moisture resistance. The layers prevent any disfiguration or warping of the tiles. At the time of manufacture, a system of interlocking click fitting is added to the tiles to make their installation straightforward and easy.



Rooms where Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring can be used

This flooring solution is suited for any room in the house. Because of its durability and robustness, it’s a great choice for areas that are busy, including living spaces and halls. Due to its ability to reduce sound, it’s the best choice for rooms such as studies, bedroom and nurseries. These tiles are also waterproof, making them suitable for installation in rooms with a lot of water like kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms as well as porch areas. It can also be fitted into orangeries, conservatories and underfloor heating systems since they’re able to cope with temperature fluctuations and humidity.



In general, luxury vinyl tiling is a resilient and versatile flooring solution with an additional benefit of having the look of natural products. It’s usable in any room in the house and has the ability to add character, charm and warmth.

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