What is laminate flooring and what can it bring to your home?

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Originally, laminate flooring was a type of flooring solution that was mainly for commercial purposes. However, this type of flooring material has become a stable for a large number of homes. This is due to the fact that it has a better appearance, better performance and feels much better under the foot than when it was originally introduced. So, to the definition; laminate flooring is a floor covering of a hybrid nature and is made from particleboard wood. It can be installed just like real hardwood since its boards are joined together.
Benefits of Laminate Flooring to Your Home

Now that we know what laminate flooring is and what it’s made of, let’s go deeper to look at things that it has the capacity to add to your home. The following are the benefits of this floor type to your home:


1. They are Easy and Fast to Install

The installation of laminate floors is fast and easy. Older laminate floor types required that the pieces are glued together. However, the types available today are easy to install as they feature fold/ lock or click/ lock design. This latest design allows a homeowner to fit planks easily just like the pieces of a puzzle. This feature makes them one of the materials for the floor that can be installed quite fast. What makes them easy to install if the fact that the planks are made from particleboard that’s very soft. Hence, they can easily be cut using a utility knife or a hand saw. Due to the ease and fastness in their installation, the cost incurred as a result of the installation is quite low.


2. They are Easy to Clean

Most flooring materials require an elaborate way of cleaning to ensure that they stay clean. The laminate floors, on the other hand, are exceptionally easy to clean. You won’t have to spend a lot of money looking for specialized materials and products to clean the laminate floors. All you need is a broom or a simple vacuum cleaner. They can be mopped with a laminate floor cleaner or a slightly damp mop. You don’t need to do floor waxing to clean them.


3. Can be installed in Semi-Moist Areas

This type of floor can be installed in semi-moist areas of the house such as kitchens, powder rooms and other places where there’s likely to be amounts of moisture. They have the ability to resist the moisture as long as the boards leave no avenue for it as they are installed tight together.


4. They are Durable and Easy to Maintain

Wood can dent, unlike laminate flooring which nearly impervious to scratches and dents. They have a layer known as the wear layer that protects the layer known as the photographic layer. They can, therefore, resist stains but if they do get stained, cleaning it off is very easy.


5. They have High Aesthetic Value

Laminate flooring has no defects. Each and every board that constitutes it is consistent in terms of appearance and quality. They can reproduce the look of stone, wood and other such natural materials. This makes it one of the flooring solutions with the highest aesthetic values.


6. They offer a high level of functionality

Without an underlayment, laminate floors can feel rather hard. However, most of them are installed inclusive of an underlayment. This feature makes them easier to stand on for long periods without feeling uncomfortable.



If you’ve never known the benefits you’d gain by installing laminate flooring at your home, then it’s great that you’ve just come across this blog. This flooring has the ability to bring all the above good to your house. Try it out and live to tell the benefits you get.

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