The hottest floor and carpet trends in 2017

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berber woolen carpet with artificial material intertwined - woolen carpet interior design trend of 2017

Carpet and flooring are an age-old ways to decorate your floor, but over time, the way we utilise different materials has developed as well interior design. Nowadays there is a variety of carpet and flooring available in the market to appeal every style, every need; choose from various wools, nylon, jute, polypropylene, polyesters, wool, aryclic, carpet tiles, laminated flooring and so much more – the list is practically endless! 

As new types of flooring options come available on the market, we see a shift in buyer trends, and coupled with personal fashion tastes changing over the years, the industry landscape is fast-paced and exciting! So if you’d like to know the latest trends in flooring design, you’ve come to the right place! Read on and stay ahead of the curve when you next renovate your home flooring!

Different cultures, different flooring

Different cultures have a different traditions of flooring and carpet, many of which are being adopted as fads veer towards cultural designs. Traditional style carpets for instance and embellished designs are coming back in, as well as those with natural colours, as homeowners steer towards a more authentic, natural feel for their homes.

traditional woollen carpets interior design trend

Going Wild For Wool

Artificial flooring has always been popular for its durability and easy maintenance, however carpet is making a great comeback. Natural wool carpet is 2017’s hottest flooring fad and has been building up in popularity for a few years – a couple of years ago wool was beginning to creep back into the flooring industry. Due to its pristine beauty and comfort, many still prefer this traditional material, and now with more modern designs on the market it offer a warm feel to your home without looking outdated.

Wool carpet is among the oldest forms of carpet. Its natural charm is one of the things that makes it so special, but wool carpet is also used by many because it is an excellent insulator. Its insulation property keeps feet toasty as well as you house! It is highly comfortable especially in cold regions and cold seasons.

berber woollen carpet with artificial material intertwined - woollen carpet interior design trend of 2017

Besides this factor, natural wool carpet has excellent durability; it can be used over a long period. Wool is often mixed with synthetic fiber like nylon which in turn increases the durability of wool. It also gives a new dimension to it. Wool is now intensively brought into use for the manufacturing of modern wool carpets which are all the rage!

Wool carpets are since witnessing a new surge of designs and patterns so your choice is not confined to the usual traditional wool carpets, but new creative ideas are being brought out nearly daily in the creation of wool carpets. However since wool is a costly product to use, many modern wool carpet manufacturers make it more affordable by combining it with artificial fibers, which also makes the wool easier to clean and more durable. The most ongoing combination is 80 % wool and 20 % any other artificial fiber.

We hope you found this summary of some of the hottest trends in flooring and carpet helpful, and check back again soon for more updates! To check out some of our wool carpets and other traditional style patterned carpets, visit our showroom today in Milton Keynes.

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