The most popular flooring types and brands of 2017

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Looking to renew your floor but don’t know where to start? Wondering which are the most popular flooring types for 2017? There are so many flooring types from which to choose – and fortunately, many of them available today would classify as “green” – meaning non-toxic and a wise use of resources. But with such vast selection out there, comes the need to make a tough decision – and it can be hard to wade through all of those choices and pick the best option for you and your home!

But what’s working well for others can work for you too, so that’s why we’ve put together a number of popular flooring trends we’ve seen in this past year – a great way to round up 2017!

Here we’ll talk about the wide selection of flooring types that have been floating our homeowner’s boats, so you can feel more confident making your final decision and have a better idea of why these types of flooring are so popular at the moment.

Cork flooring

This unusual flooring has certainly making a comeback this year. Although it has a wood-type look, it is soft, resilient, and absorbs sound in a room, making it a cosy and warm space. Comfortable on the back and knees, and offering a bit of soundproofing as well. Cork also comes in tiles and can be found in differing shades of colour.

What about carpet?

Although traditional carpet is replete with chemicals, there is now “green” carpeting available, with sustainable, non-toxic choices on offer, in various textures and styles. Particularly wool carpet is quite in for its rich texture and indulgent nature, however it’s a little more pricey than other carpet.

Laminate flooring

With a plastic-like feel, laminate flooring is cheaper than wood but a great look-a-like, but you get what you pay for with this. If you’re looking for a cheaper renovation laminate flooring is lovely, but if you’re renovating your own home, proper wooden flooring is much more likely to last and is a much better investment.

This has been one of our most popular flooring options this year given it’s flexibility and reduced cost, but it does generally need to be replaced more often than some flooring types! But with good care it can certainly last.

Linoleum flooring

Natural linoleum flooring is again a long-standing favourite from being another flexible and long lasting flooring option, it’s popularity is not likely to go away anytime soon. Available in various shades of marbling, and in tiles as well, the options for creative design in various rooms in your home are beyond description!

Stone flooring

Stone flooring comes in many shapes and sizes, with numerous design options available – from travertine and marble to all kinds of other tiles. Although there isn’t much “give” to a stone floor, its beauty and value offer wide appeal to many people – even if it is used only in the bathrooms, kitchen, or in limited areas throughout the home. And now with the increased affordability of underfloor heating, the coldness of stone floor tiles can be mitigated, and the temperature not only improved but enhanced.

Vinyl flooring

One of the least expensive options, vinyl flooring has been yet another popular choice this year, especially our luxury Karndean flooring, which has a softer, plastic-like feel but always looks great. Available in a range of style to imitate stone tiles (avoiding some of their coldness without the need for underfloor heating) or wood (which can be a more kid friendly option, rather than tough hardwood for little knees).

These are some of the most popular options from this past year, that will hopefully help you choose your flooring for your home come the New Year and spring renovations!

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