What is Vinyl Flooring and how can it improve my home?

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We are lucky to have a guest post written for us by Abbott Flooring, they go into the details of why vinyl flooring is so important to have in the house.

Vinyl flooring is a flooring solution that’s one of the most recent and more resilient the market. Flooring types that are considered resilient are those that are simply artificial and composite in nature. Such floors include plastic, rubber PVC, linoleum and vinyl. Of course, in this category, vinyl is the most recent addition as we’ve noted. These products for the floors are produced in many regions of the world. Vinyl tends to cost less, versatile, water and stain-resistant and relatively much more durable than the other flooring solutions. They’ve gained popularity for these qualities and are more commonly preferred for bathrooms and kitchens. Over the years since their inception and use in home design, they’ve become more economical and attractive.

How Vinyl Can Improve Your Home

If you’ve been wondering whether to consider vinyl flooring as a solution for your flooring needs, the following are the reasons you should opt for it if you want to improve your home:

How comfortable is vinyl?

Comfort underfoot is a very important aspect to consider whenever you’re looking to install a flooring solution in your house. With the wide range of solutions available, you need to make informed choices to achieve your goal. Vinyl flooring is one such solution for making your floor more comfortable. Compared to ceramic tiles or wood, vinyl feels softer on your underfoot and doesn’t get cold in the winter. Vinyl tiles and sheet may have an underlayer that’s padded to make walking on them more comfortable.

Is vinyl high maintenance?

Floor maintenance can be quite a hassle if you don’t select the best option of flooring. Taking care of vinyl floors is very easy. All is needed for maintaining the floor surface is to ensure that dirt and grit are swept and kept from being on the floor at all times. After sweeping the dirt and grit, stains can then be removed by using an approved cleaner for vinyl floors and a damp mop.

Will vinyl fit into my budget?

The average costs of a square foot of vinyl flooring often don’t exceed the cost levels for flooring solutions. Even materials that are high-end premium cost averagely less than the other choices of flooring options like stones. The price differences for products of vinyl are determined by material quality and the surface design options.

But is vinyl resistant to water?

Vinyl is the perfect material for use in the kitchen, bathroom or other spaces in the home that experience high moisture like the laundry room. This is because vinyl is nearly impervious to penetration of water if properly installed.

How difficult is vinyl to fit?

After ensuring that you have a subfloor level that’s completely dry, it’s relatively easy to install vinyl flooring. This means that you can install your floor by yourself having had the subfloor done by a professional.

How durable is vinyl?

Vinyl can make the floor of your home very durable if installed and maintained in a proper way. They’ll last for up to 10 to 20 years. This is, however, determined by the quality of material from which it’s made from and the way it was manufactured.

Is vinyl stain resistant?

Having flooring that has the ability to be resistant to stains is a great way to improve your home. Vinyl sheets and tiles that are printed a wear layer that protects the floor from spills and stains. This makes the vinyl flooring easy to clean and maintain.


Now that you’ve known what vinyl flooring is and how it can improve your home, it’s time to install it in your home to begin reaping the above benefits. You’ll definitely be thankful that you opted for them over the other materials available. Why not contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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