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Now you’ve finally got your hands on that beautiful carpet that you’ve always dreamed of. It’s already laid on the floor but there’s a challenge. You want it to stay as beautiful even after using it for long periods of time. The pets, kids, accidental spills, and stubborn stains keep you wondering how you’ll go about protecting your carpets. What if it gets stained? Will you be able to remove all the stains? Is there a way of dealing with these problems? Well, the good news is that with proper care and proper cleaning of the carpets, you can keep them clean and beautiful for long periods of time. Let’s dive into the best ways to achieve these goals:

1. Carry out regular vacuuming
The carpets are made of fibres which are easily invaded by dirt. If left to accumulate and last for extended periods on the carpets, the carpets will start losing their aesthetic value. So, by vacuuming, you keep the dirt away and ensure the carpets look as good as new and fresh. If you let the dust and dirt stay on the carpets, they will be stepped on as people walk on them. This damages the fibres and negatively impacts how light is reflected on the carpet. The reflection of light is what makes the carpets appear beautiful. Therefore, if the fibres don’t reflect the light as they should, the carpets start looking dull or dingy. However, when you carry out regular vacuuming, these particles don’t get a chance to accumulate to very high levels. This makes the carpets have a much longer lifespan.

2. Hire a professional to clean the carpets for you
A professional is the most appropriate person to have cleaning your carpets. They have the skills that we, the homeowners, may never have. They fill you with the confidence that nothing will go wrong when they do the job for you as opposed to yourself who’s not skilled enough. Even so, the people who hire professionals still make terrible mistakes regarding when to contact them for the cleaning services. They wait until they start seeing dust and dirt on their carpets. However, by the time you’re able to tell that your carpets are dirty; the damage will have already been done. This shouldn’t be the case. The manufacturers recommend that you get a professional clean your carpets every once or twice a year, even if they don’t appear dirty. The same goes for stain protection treatment. The regular maintenance of the carpets helps prevent crushing and dulling. Stain protection treatment keeps the fibres of the carpet from fraying and makes it easy to clean up spills.

Vacuum on a carpet

3. Use runners and area rugs
Ideally, this is the first thing that you need to do if you want your carpets to be stain clear and beautiful for as long as possible. Identify the high-traffic areas in your house such as entryways, areas in front of chairs and couches, hallways, among others. Apart from providing beautiful colour accents to the home, these area rugs and runners minimize crushing and soiling around these areas. It’s important to note that high-traffic areas are not just the areas that are carpeted.

4. Never or sparingly use carpet powder products
Most people use carpet powders for eliminating odour in their carpets. What they don’t know is that these powders leave powder residue when overused. The residue may not be visible until the carpets are shampooed or steam-cleaned next. It’s advisable that these powders be used sparingly if they have to be used.

These four ways are the best for carpet cleaning if you intend to have them look as good as new and beautiful for longer. They are the surest way to have the carpets stay beautiful, comfortable, and soft for years.

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