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Karndean flooring is a fabulous option for those who want to look of more expensive materials (such as wood and stone) but without the hefty price tag and the material drawbacks. Read more about Karndean here.


So why choose Karndean over wood flooring?

Karndean is specially engineered to resist bacteria and germs building up on and within the surface, where they can eat away at the floor and cause problems. Karndean Design Flooring has a protective PU coating which makes it non-porous and acts as a protective layer – one that wood can’t compete with.


Karndean is easier to clean than wood flooring, needs minimal maintenance since it requires no sanding, staining or oil treatments, and extremely durable. Unlike wood, which is likely to be damaged by heels and heavy furniture, Karndean can withstand a lot more of the everyday scuffs, and even if the odd bit of damage does occur, the tiles can be easily switched for new ones as needed.


Don’t Get Cold Feet

Many of the drawbacks for other types of flooring, such as wood or stone, is that they are beautiful but inevitably cold. So one of the great benefits of Karndean flooring is that you can also install underfloor heating to all of their designs.


Quick To Install & Quick To Fix

Another benefit is that some of the Karndean options available, such as LooseLay and Korlok, have incredibly quick installation times due to the fact that they can be placed over existing flooring.


Huge Range of Designs & Customisation

Whatever effect you are looking for, Karndean have an engineered solution. You can also customise your flooring to have borders or alter them in other ways to suit the look and feel you are going for.


Benefits Over Tiles & Stone

Karndean is lighter and slip-proof, so a better fit for bathrooms, especially those upstairs. Planks or tiles can be individually replaced if one gets damaged rather than pulling up the entire set of tiles.
But these are just a few of the many incredible benefits of Karndean flooring, and some of the reasons why it is one of our flooring best sellers. For more information on the benefits of Karndean flooring visit the Karndean blog here where they compare it to an assortment of other tiles. Or to learn more about Karndean flooring, visit our Karndean page here.

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